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Do you want to feel great in your body?

Would you love to feel empowered to be make choices about your body from a place of strength and knowing?


If you want to go from "Life's good" to

"I'm buzzing with joie di vivre" (the joy of living) take a look at the offerings Cyclical Wisdom aka Tessa has for you.

Intention + action = a new story


"Tessa's loving presence, support and gentle guidance was essential to give me confidence to explore my inner cycle and I know it was from that day onwards I felt peaceful with my cycle and kept doing everything I needed to be well. "

- Andreia Haimer


"Tessa holds a space for healing with grace, tenderness and respect."

- Jodie Grace


"My attitude towards my period, my body and being a woman has positively changed since completing the course. Tessa has such wisdom and shares it in a well-structured way.  I loved the balance between theory and activities such as meditation and yoga."

- Jo Roper


A free relaxation for you

My favourite self-care activity is resting while listening to a yoga nidra relaxation.

It gives me a regular dose of switching off physically and mentally.

Try it for yourself.  You will need 23 mins and a comfy place to rest.

Cyclical Yoga Nidra MP3Tessa
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Work with Tessa on a specific issue or intention around your menstrual cycle, perimenopause or  marking / healing of a rite of passage.

Tessa uses different modalities including yoga, embodied listening, medicine circles and somatic exercises for sessions tailor-made for you.

Confident Woman


These include one-off workshops to learn about menstrual cycle awareness and on-going women's circles. 


Also, events aimed at girls: Mother & Daughter circles (7-9 year olds) and Celebration Days for Girls (usually 10-12 year olds).

Tessa also talks at schools and after school activities like Brownies.

Woman's Portrait


Tessa has written books for children about their bodies, that fill a gap she noticed when teaching workshops and sessions in schools.  The earlier we can talk to children about the correct language for their bodies and answer their questions, the better.

Tessa has created crafts to support teaching girls' circles and as lovely gifts.

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