Caversham Women's Circle

Red Tents are places where women can meet monthly, as they would traditionally have done in many cultures on the New Moon, to share experiences and celebrate the passing of events such as menarche. It is also a place where girls learned about womanhood and feminity. There is something very powerful and validating about sitting in a circle of women. If you have never tried it, please come and try at least once!


A monthly circle for women - running for eight years now.


At Tessa's house in Caversham. 

Mondays 7.30-9.30pm. Sept 26th, Oct 17th, Nov 21st, Dec 12th


What happens varies. It usually runs something like this:

* Introductions and couple of words for how your week has been

* Relaxation (please bring a light blanket or shawl to get cosy!)

* Circle time - I start with a different theme to begin the sharing (You don't have to speak at all, you are supporting by listening)

* Closing circle - a moment to reflect.


Please feel free to bring nibbles for sharing! 


Many thanks to all of the partners that make it possible for us to meet (e.g. by taking care of the little ones).

"Thank you for your care and thoughtfulness. It was so helpful to be with a group of women that I could feel safe with and your space holding is perfect." Kailash


"Thank you for creating a beautiful space to simply 'be' last night and for sharing such useful info. I always appreciate your attention to detail." Emily

"It was wonderful to be held in a safe space with other likeminded women."


"You and your home are so welcoming. That has been my best Red Tent so far." Billy