Vulva valentine decorations

I started making these for fun for a few friends, but soon they were asking for ones to give to their women friends. There are different versions from simple (on left), to inner labia (middle) to wooly pubic hair (right). They're all slightly different because I upcycle the ribbon and put an individual affirmation in each one. They are filled with lavender from my garden. Approx. 10 cm x 10cm.

Range from £9 to £12.50, not including P&P.


Vulva cushions

When I began hosting the Celebration Day for Girls gatherings, I wanted something fun and tactile for the girls to be able to look at and ask questions about. Hence the pre-puberty and post-puberty vulva cushions were created. They are approximately 22cm x 23 cm in dimension, filled with stuffing. Each has a different affirmation inside.

Range from £19 to £29, not including P&P. Commissions considered.


Anatomy apron

Something else I use for the Celebration Day for Girls gatherings is this anatomy apron. With the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes in felt, stitched ligaments, removable menses and an egg this is so much fun for taking girls on a tour of their anatomy. They usually want to try it on! (See below for me wearing one.)

Get in touch for cost.


Make your own vulva decoration

If you have the time and inclination, I have created the instructions to make your own. Please visit my store on Etsy to download the instructions for £2

Alternatively, I would adore to run a workshop leading women through making their own decoration while facilitating talk on bodies, self-care, cycle awareness or whatever else wanted to arise.


Pregnancy, birth & postnatal resources

On my yoga website, www.tessayoga.co.uk, you can see the resources I have created for this special time: a Pregnancy & Birth Colouring Book with Yoga Nidras, a Birth Affirmation Card Pack and a Mother & Baby Yoga DVD.

You can also download individual pages from the colouring book at my Etsy store for £1 each.


Online course

I know this is not strictly crafts, but they are courses I have crafted carefully and with love! There is a Menstrual Cycle Circle Self-Study course with lots of resources such as yoga, bellydancing, meditation and yoga nidra. There is a Mindfulness, Yoga and Hypnotherapy course for pregnant women and their partners (currently for those attending the face-to-face workshop only, but watch this space). Last, the Mother & Baby Yoga videos can be accessed online. Link to online courses HERE