About Tessa


I support girls and women in a number of ways to promote the best possible relationship with their bodies and menstrual cycles:


  • Celebration Days for Girls (10-12)
  • Facilitate rites of passage (menarche ceremones, mother blessings)
  • Red Tent women's circle
  • individual Menstrual Medicine Circles
  • write books for women and girls


I'm passionate about the power of knowledge - about how our bodies work - to empower our lives and choices. I couldn't have guessed how my calling would manifest when I decided to study a BSc in Anthropology and Geography.



My gatherings and workshops are for any person or parent who's ready to change the story they or their family have about bodies. I want you to be amazed by the human body and its physical and emotional potential. So many people are ready to move away from seeing the body as shameful or somehow dysfunctional, and instead celebrate that we have a body to take us through this crazy thing called life.


Whether you have an inquistive 5 year old child that asks all those awkward questions (get one of my children's books) or are ready to join a community of open-minded women (at the Red Tent women's circle), I can support you to make friends with your body.



I live and breathe menstrual cycle awareness. Locally I'm known as the Period Lady (that's not on my business card BTW - Menstrual Educator, Yoga Teacher and Author is). I've trained in person with incredible women: Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer (Women's Quest Leadership Apprenticeship and Menstrual Medicine Circle), Jane Bennett (Celebration Days for Girls) and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli (Well Woman Yoga, Mother and Baby Yoga, Total Yoga Nidra).


Most recently, I completed the Trauma Resilience Embodied Yoga (TREY) and Social Impact training with Aneta Idczak and the Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Introductory Workshop (TCTSY) with Alex Cat. I am currently undertaking a year long course in Focusing, to learn more about the practice and companion of interoception with Marta Fabregat. These courses have supported me to guide people safely into connection with their bodies again.


I'm a life-long learner and love to share ideas. I've written five books and been published in Juno, Green Parenting, Mother and Baby Magazine, the British Wheel of Yoga's Spectrum, Aeva and Om and Yoga Magazine. I also sit on the Maternity Voices Forum at the Royal Berkshire Hospital to facilitate feedback on services, contribute to change and keep up-to-date on the latest policies for expecting and new mums.



You can attend one of my gatherings or workshops, or work one-to-one with me. See what feels like the next step for you in creating the best relationship with your body and get in touch. If you're not sure, email with where you feel stuck or what you're hoping to happen next in your life and I can guide you. Sometimes it's hard to put your finger on what's not quite right, but you know you want to find a different way, and preferably with like-minded people who get you and your hopes.


If we work 121 it can be in person or by Zoom.



Whatever you're interested in, send me an email to say hello. No question is a silly questions, so ask away.




I have an MSc in Nutrition, Exercise and Public Health, and like with most things, I take the middle path when it comes to eating and moving. I eat healthily - I've been a vegetarian for more than twenty years - but have a weak spot for Green and Black's chocolate (salted milk chocolate is one of the best).


I love dancing and like to channel Shakira after getting a Silver Award in Bellydancing and taking part in numerous glitzy shows. Following a rhythm - no problem. Keeping a rhythm with an instrument - forget it.


My PhD and postdoctoral work took me to some great conference locations: US, Canada, Malaysia, France. BC - ie Before Children - I also was lucky to backpack to Thailand, Indonesia, India, Ghana, and the Caribbean. I'm still a closet anthropologist: I love to people watch.


I love to read. I usually have a pile on my bedside table (and floor) of non-fiction books - anatomy, psychology, women's health, period books, vagina books.... - and a novel (best one recently The Overstory).


Menstruality training

Menstrual Medicine Circle Factilitation (2017)

Women's Quest Leadership Apprenticeship (2016)

Yoga training:

British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) Foundation Course (2001) - 60 hours of training

BWY Teaching Diploma (2004) with Maarten Vermaase - 500 hours of training

City & Guilds Certificate in Teaching Adult Learners (2004)

BWY Yoga for Pregnancy Teaching Module (2005) with Wendy Teasdill - 60 hours

BWY Teaching Practice Observation Training (2006)

Independent Yoga Network (IYN)/ YogaCampus Integrated Mother & Baby Yoga (Postnatal and up to 4 years old) Training with Uma Dunsmore-Tuli (2014)

IYN Total Yoga Nidra Foundation course with Uma and Nirlipta Tuli (2014)

IYN Well Woman Yoga with Uma Dunsmore-Tuli (2014)

IYN Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Uma and Nirlipta (2015)

Biomechanics with Julia Mitchell (2020)

Continuing Professional Development includes:

Anatomy in Action (2018)

The Psoas in Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood with Liz Koch (2018)

BWY Teaching Restorative Yoga (2013)

BWY Neuro Linguistic Programming for Yoga Teachers (2012)

Working with lumbar and sacroiliac disorders (2012)

Teaching mindfulness in yoga (2012)

Integrating pregnant students into a general class (2011)

Other relevant training:

Focusing (2020-1)

Human Rights in Birth (2018)

Emergency First Aid at Work (2017)

Dancing for Birth training (2016)

Silver Award (Highly Commended) in Bellydancing, IDTA (2016)

Sports Leader Certificate, University of Bristol (2006)

Child Protection Course, University of Bristol (2005)

OCR Level 2 Certificate in Teaching Exercise & Fitness (2002)

ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology & Body Massage (1999)

07766 707119