Mother Blessings

These are wonderful ceremonies that support a woman in becoming a mother (again). Through being with your family and friends (all women, or mixed) this is an opportunity to prepare emotionally and spiritually for the birth and motherhood.

Through a co-created event, sweet and profound rituals are used so that the expectant mother feels the deep support of her community to carry her through the birthing journey and beyond.


I can organise a Mother Blessing for you, suggesting ideas for a wonderful, unforgettable event.


These are powerful ceremonies and everyone I know who has attended one (even those who were skeptical!!), wishes they had one during their pregnancy. They are also an 'antidote' to the now more commercial baby shower because they are full of meaning.


To give you a flavour of what happens in a mother blessing, I will describe what happened at one that I hosted:

* Introductions

* Sharing funny pregnancy, birth or motherhood stories

* Nurturing of expectant mum

*Meaningful presents / offers of support

*Red thread ceremony

*Archway of arms


These are very special occasions and I always feel priviledged to be a part of them.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can come? What will happen? Where will it be?

It's all totally up to you. You can invite female friends who you think would 'get it'. You can invite your female relatives. Or you may want your husband and existing children there. Maybe your doula. Or a combination of all those people.

We can discuss what kind of things you would like to happen. Perhaps you already have ideas from things you have read or would like me to construct something from scratch. Perhaps you would like some prayers from your faith.

The gathering can happen at your home or at a suitable venue. From experience, I've found it's ideal if I can visit the venue before hand to check that it's suitable for creating the right atmosphere.

Once you contact me, we will have an initial discussion about what you (or your friend if you are organising it for a pregnant friend) would like. The fee includes preparation time and facilitation on the day. Please contact me for fee.

"Thank you so much - I really felt that it helped me in the birth. It was wonderful to feel so supported" (Carine)

"Just to say what a lovely time I had last night, & to thank you all for being there, & thank you especially Kayleigh for inviting me. Last night was really quite special...


There was something quite magical & intimate & feminine about swapping birth stories (both humourous AND personal) & lighting candles & explaining our relationship with you or our wishes for your future & your family. The beads & the thread, & the prayers... It was a beautiful idea, & credit to Tessa for organising it. I have never been to a "Mother Blessing" before, & it was a beautiful experience." (Anna, Sept 2016)

"Tessa facilitated a wonderful mother's blessing for myself and a friend. She really brought the group together and made it really special." (Sophia, Sept 2017)