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Ruby Luna's Moontime chart

Rainbow chart for tweens and teens to tick and keep track and pick up the habit of charting. Two charts should cover one period!


School talks ~ to children at primary and secondary AND  tp parents

All the questions below are real - collected in workshops & at schools from children 7 to 11 years old.

The answers are mine - not perfect or maybe what you would say, but an answer off the cuff! Don't worry about giving the perfect answer, but do answer.  Try no to say 'I'll tell you later' and then never get round to it.


What is a period?

Special blood that comes out of the middle hole when a baby hasn't been made. It's not like the blood when you hurt yourself.

Does a period hurt?

It can hurt, but often only the first day of your period. A hot water bottle might help.

How will I can catch the blood?

There are different ways that you can try: tampons and cups that go inside the body or pads and period pants that are outside. You can see which is most comfortable for you.

My friend is being bossy, angry easily and I don't know why?

Sometimes the hormones - the body's messengers - make our emotions go all over the place. Perhaps you can find an adult who can help you talk together about what is happening.

Why do we grow hair?

Pubic hair helps protect our genitals from bacteria and can make that part of our body more sensitive in a good way.

Why do we change?

Our bodies start getting ready for making a baby one day, if that's what we decide we want. When our periods start, the body is just practicing.

If you can't have your own baby, how do you get one?

You can adopt a child - that means somebody else has given birth to that child but can't look after him or her, so someone who can takes care of the child instead. Or you can try something like IVF where the baby is made outside the body, then put inside the womb to grow.

Does it take longer to become pregnant with twins?

There are identical and non-identical twins. Either way it doesn't take longer to have sex.

Often, mums who are pregnant with twins have the babies a little bit earlier than usual because they are carrying double the weight!

Does it hurt to have a baby?

It may hurt. It is usually a very strong feeling. There is medicine than can help make it easier if you need it.

What is a cycle?

Over about a month, our bodies go through changes to release an egg (ovulation) and then release the special blood if a baby isn't made (menstruation). When a girl first starts having a period, she may not release an egg for some years.

How will you know what day you are in your cycle?

You can mark it on a calendar or in a diary. Day 1 is the first day of your period.

Will it be painful when I am pregnant?

Sometimes it's very uncomfortable! As the baby gets bigger it gets harder to move around and put socks on!!

Who will be there when I have a child?

You can ask who you think will be the best support and make you feel safe. It might be your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, wife, mum, sister, friend. And there will be a midwife and maybe a doctor too.