How is the colouring in going?

A big thank you for buying my book.

I hope you've enjoyed creatively reflecting on your cycle.

I love seeing photos of your coloured in mandalas. Please send them to me at


Here is your Inner Season mandala yoga nidra (23 mins):

Cyclical Yoga Nidra MP3Tessa
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Want other resources to deepen your connection with your cycle?

Would you like practices to nurture your inner seasons? Would you like to be guided deeper into your cycle and self-discovery?


The self-study online course means that you can work at your own pace and find the practices that are transformational for you.


The transformation could be

  • learning how to pace yourself through the whole cycle to avoid burnout and irritation

  • understanding the different tasks of the inner seasons and using practices to get the best out of each one

  • discovering a path to self-kindness and -compassion

  • knowing how to pass cyclical wisdom onto your daughter.

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Diving deeper with individualised sessions

Perhaps you've been charting your cycle for a while, but can't make sense of the patterns you're seeing. I can guide you to the right support for challenging physical symptoms.


For breakthroughs in emotional patterns, I can provide mentoring and lead you through a menstrual medicine circle. The wonderful thing is that you have all the wisdom needed in your intelligent mindbody. The problem is that our critical mind can get in the way of accessing it!


By creating safe space and guiding you through a transformational practice, you can contact your own cyclical wisdom. This is revolutionary at the time of #MeToo.


Get in touch to book a clarity call to see if we're a good fit to work with each other.


More colouring in, anyone?


The Pregnancy and Birth Colouring Book arrived first in 2015. I would sit when my little daughters were in bed and draw.


I wanted to create a space for reflection for expectant mums where they could absorb the positivity of the affirmations around the mandalas and prepare mentally for the birth.

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