Thanks for joining me for some cycle love.

Intro to cycle awareness

A 15-minute video introducing you to why you might choose to chart your cycle, looking at physical and emotional patterns in the whole cycle, and how to get started.

Chart your cycle

Chart and simple instructions on how to get started.

Next steps to deepen the connection with your cycle

Work with me individually.  Focus specifically on the aspects of your cycle that are causing an issue or which you're most interested in.

Book a free 20-30 min chat via email.

Online Menstrual Cycle Circle course

Go at your own pace to enjoy yoga nidra, yoga for different phases, journaling, visualisations, talks about working challenging aspects of the inner seasons and more.

It also runs as a group course in June each year, but if you want the resources now, don't delay as you'll get access to any new material and the group live classes.

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32-page Guide to Charting

Information from years of me attending workshops and trainings so you don't have to!

You can use the approach that suits your reasons for charting your cycle and your lifestyle, rather than spend ages searching for the right one.