& Mum Club

This circle is for girls who are 7-9 years old and their mums. We meet once a month to share special time together. Through crafts and stories we look at different strengths of female role models and how we have those same qualities.

Gently we weave in some body image and cycle awareness. This is a chance to introduce your daughter to real life sisterhood.


Celebration Days for Girls

This one-off celebratory gathering is for girls who are between 10-12 years old, either before or after their menarche (first period).

It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to promote positive body image, normalise talk about periods and emotions, and for the girls to ask questions (anonymously) in a safe environment.


School Talks & Resources

I visit both primary and secondary schools to talk about cycle awareness in an age-appropriate way, which sits alongside the more 'biology' based lessons.

See below also for resources for girls around periods and cycle awareness.