Interview with Sarah O'Mahoney

In this conversation, Sarah and I talk about where the idea for our books came from, the writing process and publishing decisions. We had technical issues so went back to the written word! I know, old school!!

Making Pink Lemonade & Ruby Luna's Curious Journey

Both of these books deal with periods and normalising menstrual cycles. Making Pink Lemonade is in a diary format for 9+ girls and Ruby Luna's Curious Journey is an illustrated book with fun actions on each page for 5+ year old children.

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Cyclical Wisdom for Birth (1): Surrender

One of the most fundamental processes of birth is surrender. This is not a popular word today because it has connotations of weakness and handing over power to another in our culture. But what if our habit of controlling and doing is derailing the natural unfolding of birth? This is the first in a series of blogs where I will share with you how cyclical wisdom can help us prepare for pregnancy and birth.

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12 minute video of four postures encouraging us to slow down, be present and surrender to the magic of our bodies.

You will need a pile of cushions or pillows, a chair and a belt.

[Please read the description below the video on YouTube for modifications where there is pelvic pain.]

Menstrual Medicine Circles for Menopause

You may have heard me talking about MMCs, but what on earth are they? I talk to my dear friend and colleague Kate Codrington about how she specialises in using this amazing process for women who are journeying through menopause. She can be found at

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